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Blick Art Supply, free painting tutorials, acrylic paint, canvas, art supplies, artist

Blick Art Supply, free painting tutorials, acrylic paint, canvas, art supplies, artistWho doesn’t love Free, right? Blick Art Supply is my go-to art supply house. I have purchased the majority of my brushes (I might have a brush addiction-shhhh!), acrylic paints and canvases through Blick.

They have FABULOUS sales, I never pay full price, and their Blick acrylic paints and mediums are just as high in quality as most of the major brands, at a fraction of the cost.

They don’t just carry their own brand, though. I have a couple of colors that I just love the Liquitex heavy body in, and a couple of Golden mediums are my go-to’s, but I do choose Blick brand for my blacks and whites, which I buy in 8 and 16 oz containers, rather than tubes, and I fill in all new colors that I want to try with Blick colors. I also buy the Blick student grade liquids in large bottles because I LOVE to paint with my grandchildren, but they use a LOT of paint!

Just as many of my favorite brushes come from Blick. My love of brushes, every material, every medium, every size, I think I need them all! Of course I am nowhere near a professional, I am just enjoying spending my time playing around with paints in my golden years, lol, but even I know you need a different brush for acrylics than you do watercolors. And…did I mention the grandkids? Man are they rough on the brushes!

It wouldn’t be fair for the grandkids to get all of the blame, though. Some of the mixed media techniques that I love are really harsh on brushes, too. That’s part of why I like to buy my brushes from Blick. They don’t sell junk, for one, and I have picked up some awesome brushes for under $2 when they have their annual brush clearance sale.

Most of the time, they offer free shipping, too, so I stock up on canvases from them, too. I can get the higher quality canvases in bulk for a decent price. I do buy the student grade canvases for the grandkids, and sometimes even pick the 5/6/20 packs of those at the craft and hobby stores when I go, but honestly, even when using my 40% Off coupon at those places, Blick has better prices.

If you have seen my Blick acrylic tubes whrn I give sneak peeks into my supplies, you know I do use a lot of them!

What I do want to share today, and what my affiliate link brings you to, is their free art lessons. I know painting parties are all the rage, I have been to a few and really enjoyed myself. (Shout-out to Lydia at Masterpiece Bayou in DeRidder, LA, great, fun classes!) I, teach online tutorials, too, and I also have a few friends who love to craft and do artistic projects at home, and who want to learn to paint, but don’t know where to start. They just have not built up that confidence in themselves to pick up their brushes and go to town. (Hey, Kaye! Lol-my BFF has been doing GREAT with her painting, lately!)

I love you to join me for my tutorials, too, of course. Start, stop, pause, watch, rewatch, however you work best, it costs nothing and is there no matter what time of day or night you feel like painting! Catch me LIVE on Facebook and You Tube by Subscribing to alerts!

So, here’s for you, my friends with brushes and paints, sitting at your table with a blank canvas no more!

Enjoy -Terri

Blick Art supply, created by terri, acrylic on canvas


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