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Creating an Intro for Your Videos Has Never Been Easier!

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I have created hundreds of video tutorials for my creative painting friends. Facebook videos, You Tube videos, and now my monthly class videos. I figured it was time for me to up my game a little and add a professional intro to my videos.

easy You Tube intro, create a branded You Tube intro.

Branding is almost as important as consistency, and I knew that I wanted to create (or have someone create) an intro that included my logo, my brand colors, and convey a happy feeling.

I never even considered doing it myself, I went straight to Fiverr and started looking for a gig. There were hundreds, if not thousands, and I looked at dozens. I use Fiverr a lot for different projects, but I just did not know how I would convey what I wanted to someone across the world from me, using only a few short sentences. I quickly became overwhelmed, and did not know what to do. Honestly, I figured if I found someone local, or at least in the states that I could talk on the phone with, and really explain the “feeling” that I wanted to convey, I had about a 50/50 chance of success, and the pricetag would likely be pretty hefty. I am figuring AT LEAST $100, if not more like $2-300. And I still msy not love it.

I pour my heart and soul into everything that I do, and I just might be a tad of a control freak, truth be told. I just couldn’t do it myself. No way. I have no time. I have no skills. It was something that HAD to be delegated. So I stopped looking. I let the overwhelm get to me, and I started playing on Pinterest.

I was reading an article on streams of revenue for websites, and clicked over to the article. Magically, at the bottom of that blog post, there was a link to another post about intros. Something like the Top 10 Best Video Intros. Amazing. I clicked and started reading.

Low and behold, there are sites with templates to build your own Intros. How did I not know that? I browsed a few, truly spent a few hours looking, searching, and creating on a few. Finally, I found what I believe to be the easiest to use site that offers the best options for creating and customizing your own Intro from a template.

Within minutes, I had landed on Renderforest, and found a template that I loved, customized it to my brand colors, added my logo and tagline, and was watching my free preview. I am so proud that I did it myself!

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There are apparently several options, you can buy in different qualities, based on your budget, from 310-1080 p, or you can join the monthly program if you want to create several. ($10-$29)

I want mine to be the highest quality, so that is what I am ordering. Since my videos vary, though, painting tutorials (canvas and furniture), creative business reviews and coaching, and travel, I think I may want to do 3, if not 4, similar, but specialized ones. (I do all of my Pinterest board covers and pins, as well as my You Tube Thumbnails that way-similar, but color coded by subject.) So, I think I will join the monthly membership for a while. There are even holiday templates, which gave me even more ideas! (I think they do logos and webpages, too.)Anyway, I thought this was a great tip to share with my fellow creative business friends who have up-and-coming online businesses. Let me know if you decide to create one. I am so excited about mine! -Terri

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