Rooster Painting Xavier


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Height: 24 Inches; Width: 28 Inches


These 20 x 24 canvases represent actual roosters that ruled the roost here at our farm in Louisiana. I loved each and every one of them. The price wuoted is for ONE of the 3 paintings, although they do look great as a collection, and I would be willing to take that into consideration, price-wise, if you are interested in all 3.

These are currently hanging in a gallery setting, and I have received numerous compliments and comments on them.

Big Red was an amazing tooster. He lived 10 years, and ruled the roost all the way to his final days. An unheard of feat in the farming world. Xavier was 2nd in command at that time, and took over Red’s duties after his demise. Roux was Red’s offspring, and did a fine job himself.

My husband built the rustic frames from wood we harvested from a couple of 100 year old buildings we purchased in the Historic District of my hometown.

I hope you enjoy these paintings that honor the history of the real workers from our chicken coops.
We have the paintings packaged professionally by the shipping company, so that they arrive safely to your door.


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