Silk All-in-One Paint Serenity


Silk all-in-one paint is a mineral paint by Dixie Belle Paint Company. It has a built in blocking primer, paint and topcoat in an eggshell type finish. Prep is easy, scuff sand, clean with Dixie Belle White Lightning, Rinse, and paint!
For best results, use a good synthetic brush with long strokes, with a good amount of paint on the brush. It is water based, but do not use water to thin or mist it, as it weakens the other properties and does not give a good finish.
Silk is acrylic and water based, and has easy water cleanup. It is mildew resistant, fade resistant, and water resistant. Perfect for kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, and exterior projects. Topcoats can be added to change the sheen from lustrous to flat or gloss, or extra protection can be added with Gator Hide to pieces that will have heavy use.
Comes in 16 oz, enough to do one dresser, or two nightstands, with 2 coats. Serenity is a calming teal.


silk all in one paint teal


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