Silk All-in-One Paint Conch



Silk All-in-One Mineral paint contains a blocking primer, and a built-in topcoat! It is UV resistant, water resistant, and mold/mildew resistant, and cures to a hard, durable eggshell-type finish in 30 days. Can be used inside or out.

Clean your piece well with Dixie Belle White Lightning, lightly scuff sand with a sanding pad, wipe off sanded area and rinse. Apply 1st coat of Silk, allow to dry for 2 hours, apply 2nd coat. It will be dry to the touch within a couple of hours, but needs to cure for 30 days before being put into heavy use. Allow to sit overnight, if you see bleed through, or want to add a decorative top coat.

Conch is a beautiful muted pink.

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Weight 20 oz


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