Dixie Belle Patina Set

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This includes a 2 piece set of patina, both the base coat, and the spray. Please specify if you want green or blue spray.

The patina base comes in copper, which finishes to a powdery looking blue or greenish teal, depending on the spray that you use. The bronze has less patina build up, but can still be in either the blue or green tint. The iron creates a rust, and the green is best for it, even though it will not show up as green, but as an actual rust.

The base coat contains actual metal, so the patinas that you see are real, authentic finishes. It is best to apply a topcoat, once the amount of desired patina is achieved. The iron takes overnight, bronze and copper, just a couple of hours.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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Weight 1 oz
8 oz jar

8 oz sample jar

16 oz can

Pint can

32 oz can

Quart can


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